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Module code: AN215
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Coordinator: Prof. Hana Cervinkova (ANTHROPOLOGY)
Overview Overview

This module will be dedicated to critical examination of race, racism and anti-racist responses in historical and contemporary contexts. Starting with its roots in justifying the atrocities of the European settler-colonial project against enslaved Africans and indigenous communities (including people on the Irish Isles), we will examine how race and racism fuelled social and cultural imaginaries in different parts of the world – both outside and inside of Europe. Throughout the module, we will focus on the resistance against racism in different sites and historical moments, including anti-colonial and civil-rights movements. A special attention will be paid to the complexity of the Irish colonial and post-colonial experience. We will also consider the experience of the Irish Travellers as well as that of different immigrant communities in Ireland.

The module will feature several guest lectures, film screenings and student discussions. 100% CA assessment will be based on individual reflections and group projects, focused on developing students’ competencies to think through and engage in discussions on issues tied to racism and other forms of systemic discrimination. The goal is to provide students with knowledge-based capacities to confront racism in their everyday lives – personal, professional and civic – and across transnational fields of belonging in the interconnected world.

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