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Module code: AN167
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Mark Maguire (ANTHROPOLOGY), Prof. Hana Cervinkova (ANTHROPOLOGY)
Overview Overview

This module will introduce you to anthropology as the subject that studies human behaviour and cultural diversity. You will learn about the massive cultural differences that divide the world. But you will also learn about our evolution as a species, and the behaviours that all humans display in common. We will discuss, interactively, group identity, language and power, and the societal structures that bind some and free others. The first half of the module includes close reading of the book When I Wear My Alligator Boots, a fascinating study of drugs, violence and family on the US-Mexico border, which we will use to explore themes raised during the first few weeks. In the latter part of this class we will continue exploring the concept of culture through which anthropologists study human societies. In the process of reading and watching captivating accounts of other peoples’ ways of life, we will develop our anthropological imagination – the capacity to see and describe the world around us in cross-cultural terms. In addition to readings and audio-visual materials, we will engage in hands-on practical exercises to learn ethnographic skills, nurturing our powers of observing, listening and writing.

This introductory course in Anthropology is compatible with every subject (excluding those in Timetable group 4) in the University and it will change the way you see human life forever.

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