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Module code: MN172
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: BUSINESS
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module provides a foundation to the understanding the business landscape from an international, regional, and local perspective. It offers insights into the interplay between business and the environment in which it operates, especially the economic, social and institutional environment. The core purpose of this module is to develop studentsí appreciation of strategic and operational opportunities and challenges, which are influenced by the environment in which a business operates. It provides students conceptual lenses and analytic tools that they can use to explore the business environment.

First, we draw from a macro picture to learn about the main economic, political, and cultural factors that characterise the international business environment. In specific, we highlight the characteristics of Ireland and its position on this macro map;
Second, we move to the next level and focus on regional economic integration. We cover a number of key issues in this section, such as historical development and current main issues of European Union, the business implications for companies, and the US-Ireland and UK-Ireland relationships, among others;

Third, we move to a micro level by examining the Irish economy and the social and political institutional context in which it operates. Topics in this section include the structure of the Irish economy, the historical and current industrial policy, the main state support agencies, and the main sectors that constitute Irish business.

This module also considers the nature of the relationship between business and society. This part of the module aims to provide students with a strong sense of the connections (and tensions) between individual, organisational, societal actions and outcomes. Topics include corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and sustainability, among others.

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