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Module code: GY227
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Quota: 140
Department: GEOGRAPHY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Adrian Kavanagh (GEOGRAPHY)
Overview Overview

The objectives of this modules are to give an introduction to the key themes of Political Geography; namely geography of political conflict, electoral geography, geopolitics, as well as a means to encourage students to engage more with current affairs, both in international and Irish terms.

Politics impacts on people's lives at a range of spatial scales, extending from the local to the regional, national, European and global levels. Geographers offer a unique perspective on politics and political behaviour and an approach that differs from that offered by the field of political science. This module introduces some of the key themes within Political Geography, namely electoral geography, the process of policy making (using environmental policy making as a case study), geopolitics and the geography of political conflict. One section of the module will focus on key themes within the field of electoral geography, with specific reference to Ireland - electoral systems and the geographies of voter turnout and political support. The next section will offer a brief introduction to the processes of policy making and policy implementation, with a focus on environmental policy making as a case study here. The final section of the module, which is international in scope, focuses on the themes of states, nations and nationalism, geopolitics, and the geography of political conflict.

NB: It is not assumed that students will have prior knowledge of politics/political issues coming into this module.

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