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Module code: GY214
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Quota: 140
Department: GEOGRAPHY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Stephen McCarron (GEOGRAPHY)
Overview Overview

Geomorphology is the scientific study of the Earth’s surface. Varied forces of nature act to shape the earth’s surface over a variety of spatial (e.g. catchment to river meander) and temporal (e.g. diurnal to tectonic) scales. These forces act upon the physical structure of the Earth to create the physical landscape around us, one that is subject to continual change. This change can be slow or rapid, and can vary over time depending upon key controlling factors/variables such as climate, sea-level, tectonic uplift etc, some principles of physical geography. Geomorphology attempts to understand such variability in different parts of the world today and in the past, and how we may best describe and model landscape formation. It also aims to allow students who successfully complete the module learning objectives to ‘Read the Irish landscape’, meaning being able to interpret how the Irish landscape has come to be formed the way it has.

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