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Module code: CH413C
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: CHEMISTRY
International: Yes
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Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Drug Design, Heterocyclic Drugs

This module provides an introduction to important concepts in medicinal chemistry, computational drug design and heterocyclic drugs:

(i) Medicinal Chemistry. Material covered includes the purpose and principles of medicinal chemistry in the drug discovery, design and development process, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic aspects of drug action in the context of chemical structure, structure-activity relationships for optimisation of lead compounds and sources and approaches to the discovery of lead compounds.

(ii) Introduction to computational drug design. Material covered includes structure and ligand based techniques for hit compound discovery and optimisation, molecular modelling and pharmacophore in drug design.

(ii) Heterocyclic drugs. Material covered includes an introduction to the different types of heterocycles found in nature and as part of drugs and their physicochemical characteristics and mechanism of action of heterocyclic drugs such as antibiotics, antiviral drugs, anticancer agents and heterocyclic drugs acting in CNS and in heart disease.

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