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Module code: CH201
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: CHEMISTRY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Stereochemistry. Chemistry of the alkene functional group. Carbonyl group chemistry.

This module, incorporating theory and laboratory learning, explores three important areas of organic chemistry:

(i) Stereochemistry - exploring chemistry in 3-D. Material covered includes chirality, asymmetric centers, stereoisomers, and R/S nomenclature. The stereochemistry and mechanism of SN1 reactions, SN2 reactions, and additions to the carbonyl group are also covered.

(ii) Examining one of the most important functional groups in chemistry, the carbonyl group. Material covered includes the structure of carbonyl compounds, oxidation/reduction of carbonyl compounds, substitution reactions of carboxylic acid derivatives, reversible and irreversible addition reactions of carbonyl compounds, ester synthesis and hydrolysis.

(iii) The chemistry of the carbon-carbon double bond. Material will include (i) Bonding and Nomenclature, (ii) Addition chemistry, including regiochemical and stereochemical aspects, (iii) Alkene formation reactions.

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