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Undergraduate BA PSYCHOLOGY

Award Type and NFQ Level: UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)
Course code: PSY
CAO/PAC code: MH106
Points: 473
Closing date: 01 July 2019
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Psychology is the scientific study of human mental life and behaviour. It involves areas such as Brain and Behaviour, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Psychological Research Methods. The degree covers all the major theories of psychology, as well as research methods and statistics for psychological data analysis.

> Students graduate with a Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) accredited degree.
> You will study Psychology along with two Arts subjects in first year, concentrating on Psychology only in second and third year.
> You will study the human mind and behaviours with the rigours of scientific testing.
> You will use research methods including observation, measurement, hypothesis testing, experimentation, logical inference and statistical analysis.
> If your ambition is to have a career as a professional psychologist, you will be interested in the variety of career paths are available, both within and outside psychology that an accredited Psychology degree opens up.

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