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Award Type and NFQ Level: POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA (9)
Course code: PDIPSM
CAO/PAC code: MH61N
Closing date: 30 June 2022
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The postgraduate programme in Peacebuilding, Security and Development Practice offers a rewarding learning experience for those who wish to work in development and peacebuilding in conflict or post-conflict contexts.

Integrating negotiation skills with an analysis of wider conflict and development issues, it provides participants with critical insight into the spectrum of international conflict intervention. This includes theory, strategies and practices which range from addressing resource conflict and the use of negotiation tools in the wake of Climate Change, to the role of governments, business and civil society in participatory peace processes. It explores issues around gender and conflict, racism and human rights; and it addresses security concerns which arise from poverty, exploitation and global economic crises. Drawing on insights from peace education, human security and community development processes, it challenges top-down imposed solutions and examines what’s involved in participatory, community-led processes of change.

It draws together insights and analysis from different conflict and development situations, as well as from diverse experiences and perspectives on peace and security. Through it, participants develop the understanding, knowledge and skills they need to play an active and leadership role in peacebuilding, security and development in a variety of situations.

The main theme of the programme is an integrated and comprehensive approach to the nexus of peacebuilding, security and development. With increased awareness of the importance of these interlinkages has come increased demands on national and international institutions to respond in a holistic way. When responding to conflict, security actors are required to have a better understanding and greater skills in engaging with communities, institutions and organisations at the local level, while development practitioners recognise a skills-deficit with respect to conflict resolution and mediation. They need to understand and engage with representatives of multifaceted agencies and communities, particularly when anticipating or responding to the consequences of complex crises.

The PG Diploma in International Peacebuilding, Security and Development Practice offers participants a unique learning opportunity to engage deeply with these issues and to develop the skills they need to address them. It draws on a range of experienced lecturers, who have extensive experience in development, peacekeeping/ peace making or security in international settings.

Through this postgraduate programme, participants will develop:

  • Their understanding of violent conflict and its impact on human security and development.
  • Insight into the processes involved in realising integrated and comprehensive responses to peacebuilding and development in complex contexts.                                      
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, along with innovative and creative solutions, which can be applied in the resolution of a wide range of violent conflicts.                                        
  • Ability to negotiate and to engage people in participatory development processes which enable people to reach agreement.                                             
  • Knowledge of international institutional mandates, policies and guidelines pertaining to interventions in violent conflict.
  • Research skills which they can apply to the interconnected fields of international peacebuilding, security and development practice.
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