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Course code: DSOCSC
CAO/PAC code: MHB06
Closing date: 17 February 2020
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The DSocSc programme is a four year ‘practitioner led doctorate’ offered by the Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth University. The Department’s mission is to “contribute to human rights, social justice and equality nationally and internationally’’. The programme is designed to provide advanced professional and research skills to qualified, experienced practitioners in lead roles in youth work, community work, social work, rights and social change focused organisations.

Aims and Outcomes

The DSocSc programme aims to:

1. further progress the commitment of the Department and the University to combining the highest levels of academic achievement with excellence in professional education by educating flexible, innovative and skilled practitioners who can contribute to development of theory and practice in youth work, community work and the realisation of rights for marginalised groups.

2. enable experienced practitioners to undertake original, rigorous research in youth work, community work and rights based contexts that contributes to the development of their disciplines.

At the end of the DSocSc students should be able to:

  • demonstrate critical analysis and understanding of complex issues in theory, policy and practice
  • synthesise theory and practice in a ‘unity of praxis’
  • demonstrate advanced professional research and evaluation skills
  • take leadership in working towards realising rights in a variety of organisational and policy contexts
  • undertake, present and defend a rigorous doctoral thesis that contributes to the development of their discipline.

The DSocSc programme is underpinned by four inter-related commitments:

  • intellectual rigour and critical analysis in all aspects of the programme, from initial engagement in taught modules to the production of a substantial individual research project;
  • realising rights in theory and practice embedded in all aspects of the programme and across all modules;
  • development of theory and practice in the disciplines of community work, youth work, social work and associated social professions;
  • creation of a challenging and participative learning environment embedded in principles of reflexivity, mutuality and collegiality.


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