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Module code: SPA350
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: SPANISH
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr David García León (SPANISH)
Overview Overview

Pragmatics is the study of the use of signs in real situations. Pragmatics also analyses how people interpret language in concrete communicative contexts. This final year optional module offers a theoretical and practical introduction to some fundamentals of Spanish sociopragmatics. Students will have the opportunity to explore key topics such as (im)politeness in the Spanish language, meaning negotiation, the differences between written and oral discourses, the use of tú, vos, usted, vosotros, among other topics. The Spanish language will be analyzed in different communicative contexts, which will enable students to become acquainted with the existing variations of the language. This module will contribute to the improvement of the students’ Spanish language skills by helping them to understand how the Spanish language works.

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