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Module code: SPA227
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: SPANISH
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr David García León (SPANISH)
Overview Overview

The awareness of the nature of language and its basic role in human life is an essential asset for any language learner. This module provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the workings of language with special emphasis on Spanish. Students will become familiarised with basic notions of Spanish grammar from a practical point of view. To this end, the module will address topics such as the variety of sounds of the Spanish language, the way words and sentences are structured in this language, the historical evolution of Spanish, and the linguistic diversity of the Spanish speaking world. A whole array of practical activities will be proposed to better understand the elements of the Spanish language that tend to be problematic for English speakers (word order, verbal tenses, idiomatic language use, prepositions, etc.). Although the contents of this module will follow an applied approach, the emphasis is not so much on language practice but on structural language analysis.

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