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Module code: SP610A
Credits: 10
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Niamh Flanagan (APPLIED SOCIAL STUDIES)
Overview Overview

This Module will develop students understanding and skills in both the writing of social policy and the influencing of social policy by NGOs and others outside of Government. The Module will have a strong emphasis on skills development in the fundamentals of drafting social policy. The module will draw upon a number of real case studies and students will apply the learning in case study scenarios. The module will also address how NGOs and others working outside of government can work to influence the content of social policies through effective interventions in the policy consultation and policy formulation phases. The module will address the practice of social policy making from the “inside out” and from the “outside in”. The Module will also address the issues of best practice and effective answering of parliamentary questions and the asking of parliamentary questions. The module will finally address the issue of drafting social policy submission to Government, drafting of social policy related speeches, appropriate to a range of speakers and audiences.

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