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Module code: SK114
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 1
Quota: 28
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Derek Barter (ADULT EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

Students will become familiar with the processes of Critical Reflective Thinking in the context university life and academia. The importance of evidence based argument, previously tested theories, the importance of referencing and correct citation, avoidance of plagiarism will also be stressed. Students will become familiar with academic study skills regarding Reading, Researching and Writing and Exam Preparation. Time Management; Stress Management. Communication skills, presentations, debating, group facilitation, leadership skills, team-working, co-production of workshop content and self directed learning tasks will all form part of personal academic development.
This module will afford a space and time to developing critical thinking faculties and will actively encourage reflection and discussion on the following indicative list of topics: Power, Privilege and Position; Education; Gender/Sexuality; Introduction to Discourse Analysis-Foucault; Writing Reflexively-Moon.

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