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Module code: SG224
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Elizabeth Boyle (EARLY IRISH (SEAN-GHAEILGE))
Overview Overview

This module will introduce students to the large body of literature surviving from medieval Ireland which has a journey to the Otherworld as its central theme. This literature is diverse, ranging from entertaining prose narratives through to dense and allusive poetry. Journeys to the Otherworld can include adventures to a supernatural world within a hill or mound; voyages by boat to magical islands across the sea; or out-of-body experiences which comprise journeys through the Christian heaven and hell accompanied by an angelic guide. The literature will be studied with due attention paid to the historiographical issue of whether the Otherworld ‘under the hill’ represents the survival of a pre-Christian religious belief, or whether the texts which describe the Otherworld in this way view it as a purely literary device which can be used to hold a critical mirror to the real world. Texts will be read in relation to the secondary literature which examines them as complex literary compositions in their own right, as well as the literature which seeks to use the texts as evidence for a variety of religious beliefs and practices.

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