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Module code: PO224
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: SOCIOLOGY
International: No
Overview Overview

This module is designed for students of Criminology. Criminological research may be conducted on government responses to crime, public policies, politicisation of crime, the criminal justice system, and criminal behaviour. Criminological research is grounded in criminological theory, itself linked to many social scientific disciplines. It also seeks to influence social policy and inform our understanding of criminal justice practice. The core research methods in the module are common across many disciplines, including Criminology, Politics and Sociology, for example.

The module introduces students to the main research methods used by criminologists. Lectures will give students an understanding of different research philosophies that underpin research design. We discuss the merits of various research methods such as interviewing, survey analysis, polling, focus groups and observation. We will also be sensitive to issues of power and ethical considerations as we explore the use and abuse of research data.
The module is delivered through 16 core lectures, and 8 small group tutorials. In the Tutorial groups you will get hands-on experience of researching in Criminology).

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