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Module code: PO205
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: SOCIOLOGY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Democracy is often exclusively associated with elections, political parties and parliaments and associated bodies that is the formal or institutional aspects of democracy. However, democracy can also be viewed from a substantive perspective, that is how the citizen experiences the democracy in which she or he lives. In this case democracy can be examined and evaluated from the perspective of the content and experience of citizenship. This course aims to examine democracy from this perspective to interrogate the concepts of democracy and citizenship and the relationship between the two; to review contending conceptions of citizenship in a democratic context; and, to problematise these and how and if they can be realised in a globalised, multicultural and unequal world. The course also aims to be as participative, inter-active and student-led as possible, that is to allow students to help construct content and not just be passive recipients of that content. As a result many of the assignments have been designed to facilitate this as much as possible. In this way, not only does the course present different models of citizenship but also seeks to bring these alive within the classroom context.

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