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Module code: PD263
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Mary Galvin (DESIGN INNOVATION)
Overview Overview

While this module complements PD262 (offered in Semester 1), it can also be taken as a standalone module. The focus will be on service design and service innovation in a social context. Students on this module will explore the challenges currently facing today’s society (wicked problems that are systemic in nature such as homelessness, healthcare, education, the digital divide, to name a few!), learn how to best tackle these challenges using a service design methodology, and how to offer service design responses to help tackle these challenges. The module is ideally suited to interdisciplinary students as it is based upon group work that encourages a multi-perspective approach. Groups are encouraged to tackle issues that are relevant to their everyday lives, regardless of the specific discipline that they are currently studying.

Course Content:

· Introduction to (Social) Service Design.
· (Social) Service Design principles.
· (Social) Service Design processes, methodologies & models.
· Research, development, implementation & validation of a new service
· Social Innovation (radical, incremental, and disruptive).
· Working as a multi-disciplinary group.

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