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Module code: PD250
Credits: 10
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Many in the legal profession are self-employed, providing their services to individual or corporate clients. Some are retained by the large legal firms and others by smaller, local, family firms. Those entering the profession need to be conscious of their own ‘value proposition’ so that they can maximize their potential. They need to be purposefully developing a set of skills that are distinctive, compelling and can command a premium in the marketplace. This module is intended to equip students with two things: 1) an entrepreneurial mindset and 2) an ability to both recognise and even create new business models for the profession they’re entering.

Business Model Innovation
• Concept of business Models
• Theories and types of business models
• Osterwalder and the Business Model Canvas
• Developing new business models for legal practice

Innovation in Business
• How innovation drives growth in business
• Types of innovation – incremental and radical
• Approaches to innovation

Entrepreneurship – Converting Ideas to Action
• Learning about entrepreneurs
• Becoming more entrepreneurial as a person – enhancing your personal effectiveness
• Learning how to translate your ideas to action

The hallmarks of effectuation
The five elements of effectuation

Professional Practice
• Managing your own practice
• The consulting/professional career
• Client / consultant engagement

Designing the User Experience for your clients
• Using the design process to map your clients experience
• Learning about user-experiences
• Designing the ideal user experience for legal services

Discontinuities in the Legal Profession
Drivers of change
Law in Digital Age

Open Teaching & Learning methods
Open Assessment
Open Repeat options
Open Timetable
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