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Module code: MU649
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: MUSIC
International: No
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Music and Gender explores how musicology has been shaped by critical theories relating to gender and sexuality. The module is delivered as five discussion seminars, each of which engages with a specific theoretical framework. It is broadly conceived in chronological terms: from the foundational texts of ‘New Musicology’ that focused on the marginalisation of women from the canon, to contemporary intellectual critiques of gender and music which challenge assumptions that the study of gender equates to the study of women. The module also addresses why scholarship on gender and music often calls for an intersectional analytical approach in relation to other markers of identity, such as race and sexuality.

* Discuss theoretical concepts about gender and sexuality to music.
* Outline the broad history of how thought about gender and sexuality evolved in
musicology since the late 1980s.
* Apply theoretical concepts relating to gender, sexuality, and intersectional identity
topics, to various repertoires inWestern music, especially of the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries.
* Critique the intellectual strategies used by scholars working on music, gender, and

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