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Module code: MN811
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
Department: BUSINESS
International: No
Overview Overview

Having developed a literature review and having selected an appropriate research design, the next step in the development of a PhD project is the selection and execution of appropriate research methods. In conjunction with MN80Y - Quantitative Methods in Business and Management Research, this module will enable students to make an informed selection of appropriate research methods for their project.

In this module, students will gain an overview of the underlying principles of qualitative research and of different qualitative methods and their use. Students will gain insight into the relationship between theory and qualitative methods, how rigour is assessed in qualitative research and how qualitative research contributes to knowledge. The module will cover a variety of qualitative data collection and analysis methods, with examples of how these are used in practice.

The module will enable students, guided by their supervisors, to decide if and how qualitative methodology is appropriate to their research, and to select the most appropriate qualitative data collection and analysis methods for their project.

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