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Module code: ML162
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 2
Department: GERMAN
International: No
Overview Overview

This module will consider the distinct cultural contexts that shape cultural products such as short literary texts and film excerpts. Selected transnational themes such as Revolution and Resistance will be analysed from different cultural angles, e.g. from Chinese, French, German or Spanish/Latin American contexts. The underlying reasons for the existing cultural differences of approaches will be analysed and compared, thus facilitating genuine intercultural awareness on the part of the students. Students will learn to evaluate and interpret evidence of different cultural viewpoints on the basis of literary texts and films. This comparative approach facilitates the development of truly intercultural stances, combining elements of different cultural views, based on the insights that the individual student has gained from her/his engagement with the subject matter. The students will learn to articulate coherent and well-structured arguments which are underpinned by reference to the texts and films discussed in class.

The SMLLC is uniquely positioned to offer such an intercultural module of literary analysis because the members of the Chinese, French, German and Spanish Studies sections have unique expertise and knowledge of the cultural contexts in which these texts and films were produced, which they will share with students with a view to developing their awareness of cultural difference and intercultural exchange of ideas.

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