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Module code: LW665
Credits: 10
Semester: 1
Department: LAW
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module departs the national contexts that dominate many examinations of policing, and adopts an inclusive view of diverse policing phenomena from around the world. Police forces around the globe face similar ‘crime problems’ and organisational challenges in addressing those problems. For example, the role of politics in the governance of policing can vary between nations, but policing is consistently a highly political sphere. This module will examine the politics of policing, and how it differs in different states. While in many ways police culture is institutionally siloed: ideas about how to ‘do policing’ have proliferated in international debates among police practitioners. This module will explore these philosophies and strategies of policing, and how they have spread and influenced policing in different states. Certain globalised ‘crime problems’ have encouraged unprecedented levels of cooperation between police authorities in different jurisdictions, potentially undermining traditional conceptions of sovereignty and the nation state. Others, such as the policing of migration, serve instead to reinforce these ideas. This module will explore those international policing fora, and how they relate to national policing systems.

There are four broad themes within Contemporary Issues in Global Policing. First, it will examine different forms of cooperation in policing across borders on matters such as state/s security, migration control, child protection, and the arrest, detention and extradition of suspects of crime. Second, this module will examine the international proliferation of certain philosophies and strategies of policing: and the different ways these ideas have spread. Thirdly, the module will examine the relationship between modern policing and democratic governance. Finally, this module will examine the distinct policing challenges in developing nations: an area often ignored in contemporary policing discourse.

Contemporary Issues in Global Policing will include (but not be limited to) the following topics:

1. The politics of crime control and policing
2. Policing efficiently and with limited resources:
• Evidence-based policing
• Plural policing
3. Complex policing:
• Policing State Security
• Inter-Agency Policing
• Policing Historic Crimes
• Policing Post-Conflict
4. Policing in new and developing states
5. Transnational policing:
• Europol
• Interpol
• Border Policing

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