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Module code: LW641
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: LAW
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The purpose of this module is to study and critique the structure and efficacy of global public procurement legal frameworks. Government procurement accounts for a significant proportion of national GDP and is of considerable economic and social importance at both domestic and international levels. Well-regulated legal systems ensure governments secure optimal financial value for public purchases, whilst also facilitating international trade flow. In this module, students will investigate the legal framework of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the United Nations (UN), and the European Union (EU) with regard to the promotion of transparent and non-discriminatory public procurement practices. This module will explore and scrutinise the core concepts of public procurement regulation such as the objectives of value for money, ethical behaviour, accountability, social development and procedural efficiency. Students of this module are expected to evaluate and analyse the regional and international regulations and norms. Students are expected to attend weekly classes and participate in class discussions.
This course will be taught only if a sufficient number of students enrol.

Any aspect of this module may be changed in any given academic year, subject to the discretion of the module lecturer.

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