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Module code: LW638
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: LAW
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Marriage is an institution of great antiquity, common to most cultures. Nonetheless, understandings and practices relating to marriage have evolved over time and may differ significantly depending on the cultural and legal context. This module seeks to examine the phenomenon of marriage from a comparative legal perspective, with particular reference to the legal framework that defines and regulates marriage, its formation and dissolution. This module addresses, in particular, the rules relating to the formation and dissolution of marriage in selected jurisdictions, and compares legal responses to issues such as the marriage of same-sex couples, polygamy, and arranged marriages. The module, in particular, examines different legal responses to the breakdown of marriage, with a particular emphasis on divorce.

Topics may include (but are not limited to): the definition of marriage; marriage as a (privileged) status; public policy and the public interest in marriage; marital autonomy; the formalities of marriage; the capacity to marry; responses to polygamy and potentially polygamous marriages; civil partnership and the marriage of same-sex couples; consent to marriage; sham marriages; pre-nuptial and separation agreements; divorce and the grounds for divorce; remedies following divorce; non-marital unions and civil partnerships.

This course will be taught only if a sufficient number of students enrol.

Any aspect of this module may be changed in any given academic year, subject to the discretion of the module lecturer.

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