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Module code: LW225
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: LAW
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The journey from crime has become the subject of intensive research in recent years. For those who seek to break from criminogenic patterns of behaviour, their path is often hindered by personal obstacles and structural challenges. Desistance studies are concerned with unpacking how and why people stop offending, rather than why they offend, often with a view to informing criminal justice interventions. This module explores theoretical and empirical research on desistance from crime through a critical lens, with a particular focus on the following topics: the meaning and measure of desistance; core theories of desistance such as agentic, socio-structural, interactional and situational explanations; lived experiences of desistance; the limitations of desistance, and; its impact on criminal justice practice and policy.

Part I: Introduction
Career Criminals and The Roots of Desistance
Defining Desistance
Measuring Desistance

Part II: Theories of Desistance
Individual and Agentic
Social and Structural

Part III: Perspectives on Desistance
Lived Experiences of Desistance
Gender Differences and Desistance
Race, Ethnicity and Desistance

Part IV: Desistance and the Criminal Justice System
Sentencing Practices
Offender Supervision

Part V: The Future of Desistance
Desistance and Crime Policy
Desistance as a Social Movement?

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