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Module code: KD634
Credits: 10
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Overview Overview

This module aim is to develop participants critical analysis of social forces which impact on development in their own society in the context of globalisation.
As part of this module, participants will explore understandings of society, social relations and social change in the context of participants experience of their own society;
Critically reflect on theories of social development focusing in particular on modernisation and its effects;
As well as on the structural constraints on social development in various country contexts as interpreted by dependency and world systems theories;
Critically analyse theories of globalisation focusing in particular on the effects of globalisation processes in relation to inequality, migration and development policy;
Critically reflect on development alternatives and post-development and on how social development is shaped by various actors and institutions, e.g., through the state and civil society,
in development policies and representations and by NGOs and social movements.
This module is available in both a classroom setting and as an online/distance option.

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