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Module code: KD620
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Overview Overview

This module seeks to provide students with a critical understanding and insight into public policy making, that is, the processes and actors that are involved in the development and framing of public policy, with a focus on development related environmental policies.
The module will be broken into two sections-
1) theories of policy processes
2) policy processes in action Irish, EU and UN environmental policy making.
The first section will introduce students to how public policy making is theorized, starting with a discussion of the definitions of policy, the policy process and related actors.
It will then provide a historical overview of how policy and policy processes have been conceptualised and finally focusing on a critical review of contemporary theories of policy making.
The second section of the module will look at the policy areas of the environment and sustainable development through the various policy theories and frameworks from section 1, as well as describe and analyze in more detail the processes of policy lobbying and advocacy, using a range of policy successes and failures in this area.

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