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Module code: KD616
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Overview Overview

This module will support participants to critically explore the broad spectrum of debate relating to international human rights policy and practice.
Participants will consider the possibilities, and limits, of the international human rights framework at community, national and international levels.
We will ask, has the human rights framework supported these struggles toward achieving meaningful social, political, economic or environmental transformation?
The role of advocacy in realizing human rights will be appraised, within the context of wider activism strategies.
During the module participants will be provided with a clear understanding of the international human rights framework and how it functions;
Will critically examine the spectrum of debate relating to human rights policy and practice;
Will appraise the possibilities and limits of the human rights framework in the context of globalised neo-liberalism and austerity including: the impact of human rights work at community levels (exploring community rights struggles; the use of human rights based approaches to development);
National level (exploring campaigns to realise fundamental human rights such as the right to water or health);
The international level (exploring the impact of UN frameworks and bodies in holding states to account such as the International Criminal Court);
Will appraise the role of advocacy, within the context of wider activist strategies, in realising human rights, and acquire skills on how to advocate for change.
Please Note: This module is currently delivered through classroom based delivery only and is not available online / by distance.

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