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Module code: GY634
Credits: 20
Semester: 1
Department: GEOGRAPHY
International: No
Overview Overview

This module examines aspects of geographical information science - the theoretical basis for geographical information systems. GIS may be thought of as a fusion of concepts emanating from cartography, computer science and geography. The module starts by looking at aspects of scientific cartography (e.g. spatial reference systems and map projections). It then looks at some computing considerations (e.g. programming methods, data structures, and database management). This is followed by a review of issues relating to methods of geographical analysis (e.g. spatial interpolation, spatial statistics). The final section of the course then addresses issues associated with GIS as a distinctive practice (e.g. data quality and uncertainty, process models and decision support). The module is primarily lecture based, but it includes several practical demonstrations. Lecture Topics Introduction to Geographical Information Science Reference Systems Map Projections Computer Programming Languages Customisation Formulae And Algorithms Spatial Data Structures. Database Management Systems Spatial Statistics Interpolation(1) Global and local interpolators; Kriging. Interpolation(2) Digital elevation models etc. Data Quality and Uncertainty Process Models and Decision Support Visualisation Web Based GIS

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