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Module code: GY629
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: GEOGRAPHY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Patrick Bresnihan (GEOGRAPHY)
Overview Overview

This module will critically explore: theories of spatial justice, the underlying spatial processes involved in social and environmental change; mechanisms for achieving and resisting these; and the possibilities of alternative futures. It will introduce students to theories of procedural, distributional, social, spatial, place-based, land, and environmental justice. Students will investigate the underlying spatial processes of injustice leading to current social, economic, and environmental crises, including legacies of colonialism, capitalism, and nature/society dualisms. It examines how spatial justice, and social and environmental change are conceptualised, manifest, fail and are resisted with a focus on power geometries and difference. The relationships between geographical knowledges, practices and material changes of activism will be examined. Class-based discussions and guest talks will examine the political, ethical, and aesthetic challenges of fostering hopeful politics in a time of environmental crisis, reactionary politics, and deepening global inequalities, with a particular focus on Irish-based artistic and activist interventions. Students will be introduced to ethical and responsible forms of research, and learn about the significance of local knowledges, including the voices of those affected by forms of injustice.

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