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Module code: GST5
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

14-16 November 2016 - 10-4pm on all 3 days: Venue: Rye Hall

Module Objective
Many variables are involved in creative problem solving; imagination, openness, self-efficacy and divergent thinking and the strategies people employ in problem-solving (Scott, Lonergan, & Mumford, 2005) have all been associated with success in solving the type of complex, ill-defined problems that demand creativity. Creativity, in its simplest form, is the birth of an idea that combines known elements into something new (Ciardi 1956). Considerable emphasis in the last decade has been placed on increasing creativity in the lecture theatre. Educators have criticised the current structure (e.g., traditional lecture format) as “killing [student] creativity,” as instructors tend to focus more on knowledge acquisition rather than providing students with creative problem-solving opportunities (Kaila 2005).

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:
• Understand the different models of creativity
• Appreciate the difference between individual and group creativity
• Experiment with different models of problem solving
• Appreciate the role of divergent and convergent thinking in creativity and problem solving
• Be conversant with the steps in the process of problem solving
• Be fluent in the use of the six step model: The six steps include: problem identification, problem delineation, information gathering, idea generation, idea evaluation and refinement, and idea implementation.
Module Content
• Models of individual creativity
• Approaches to creative problem solving
• Group and team creativity
• Techniques for enhancing creativity
• Problem solving models
• Problem defining; goal setting; developing solutions
• Optimising brainstorming
• Design Thinking.

Unit 1-2
Definitions & Models of creativity

Unit 3
Problem Solving Process
Experiential workshop

Unit 4
Design Thinking
Project Based Exercise

Unit 5
Creative thinking – convergent V’s Divergent

Unit 6
6 Step Model for Creative Problem Solving
Team Exercise

Open Teaching & Learning methods
Open Assessment
Open Repeat options
Open Timetable
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