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Module code: GST11
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: No
Overview Overview

Course leader: Prof. Rob Kitchin (

Dates: Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd January 2020, 10 am to 5pm daily

Location: Seminar Room, Second Floor, Iontas Building

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all three days in full, not simply sessions of their choice.

Format: A series of interactive workshops

Course book: Kitchin, R. and Fuller, D. (2005) The Academic’s Guide to Publishing. Sage, London. (in library)

Pre-Assignment: students are required to submit, on day 1 of the seminar, a CV and letter of application (1-2 pages) for a recently advertised post of your choice, indicating clearly in the opening of the letter the nature of the post.

The final assignment for the course will be a: 2-3 page document that outlines a career strategy and how it will be achieved; an edited CV and amended letter of application following the completion of the module.

DAY ONE: Dissertation completion and viva preparation

10.00-11.15: Managing the completion process; challenges and difficulties; time management; writing and editing; review of MU requirements

11.45-13.00: Technical aspects of the thesis; title; abstracts, acknowledgements, table of contents; referencing; tables and diagrams; technical production; making corrections; malpractices and intellectual property

14.00-15.15: Aims and purpose of the viva; advance preparation; in the viva; MU regulations

15.45-17.00: Surviving the viva: Workshop with 4 recent graduates

DAY TWO: Dissemination of dissertation research

10.00-11.15: Developing a publishing and wider dissemination strategy that enhances career prospects

11.45-13.00: Writing for journals; selecting a journal; what editors look for; how refereeing works; revising and editing;

14.00-15.15: Writing a book; securing a book contract; writing for other media; copyediting and the production process

15.45-17.00: Organizing events

DAY THREE: Post-PhD career

10.00-11.15: Career paths and strategy; research and teaching careers (plus stories of three early career scholars)

11.45-13.00: Networking and building a profile both inside and outside academia; Effective use of social media

14.00-15.15: Securing grants and scholarships

15.45-17.00: CV and cover letter writing; references; interviews; negotiations

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