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Module code: GST11
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: No
Overview Overview

Dates for 2018-19 have been confirmed. Please visit for further information.

Minimum enrolment 10 students.

Module objectives:
The module will prepare students for the completion and defence of their thesis and life after their PhD, including career strategy, disseminating their work, applying for scholarships and jobs.

Module content:

• Dissertation completion: Review of NUIM requirements
• Using EndNote to manage bibliographies and references
• Abstracts, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents
• Using good Referencing Systemsβ€”Tables and Diagrams
• Technical production of thesis
• Making corrections Viva preparation: Aims and purpose of the Viva
• Modes of advance preparation
• Responding effectively to questions about research
• Dealing with critics and reviewers
• Including mock vivas
• Dissemination of dissertation: Locating projects in a wider field of scholarship and learning
• Developing a sense of the scholarly and social value of your research project
• Post-doctoral publications: submitting manuscripts or proposals to publishers and preparing articles for scholarly or other journals.
• Career strategy: Post-PhD
• Career paths
• Research and teaching careers
• Applying for postdoctoral scholarships
• Research grant writing and applications
• CV Writing and cover letter writing. Job Interviews

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