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Module code: GC645
Credits: 10
Semester: 1
International: No
Overview Overview

Judaea presents Roman historians with an especially rich and varied pool of sources on which to draw, allowing for a nuanced understanding of life and culture in this corner of the Roman world. In addition to a large amount of illuminating and diverse material evidence, Judaea boasts an array of literary sources, including texts written by members of the subject population which can illuminate provincial perspectives on Roman rule. This course will involve a comprehensive study of this region in the Roman period, from the Roman-sponsored rise of the notorious King Herod the Great to Rome’s crushing of the revolt of Shimon bar Kokhba under Hadrian. We will examine the impact of Roman rule on the social, cultural, political, economic and religious life of the region, taking into consideration a broad and diverse range of evidence and examining fascinating episodes including the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, the highly consequential destruction of the Jerusalem Temple by Roman forces in 70 CE, and the catastrophic failure of bar Kokhba’s messianic rising. The course will raise important questions concerning imperialism and the colonial encounter, the difficulties of managing religious plurality and the tension, in pluralistic societies, between cosmopolitanism and group solidarity, issues which continue to resonate in the contemporary world.

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