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Module code: EP811
Credits: 5
Semester: S
Quota: 1
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Marcin Lukasz Gradziel (EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS)
Overview Overview

The purpose of this Summer School is to foster the practical application of knowledge derived from lectures, to develop organisational and team-work skills and to encourage creativity. Teams will compete to design the best project, judged by an independent jury. The teams themselves are responsible for the selection of the subject of the project and for the team structure and working methods.

The School is delivered by experts in the field and coordinated by the European Space Agency. Department of Experimental Physics has no direct input in the exact topic, which changes from year to year. The cost of registering for and attending this summer school might be covered by Enterprise Ireland or departmental project grants in some cases.
The Summer School Alpbach objectives

* motivating participants to seeing space as an exciting and challenging endeavour
* working in international, multi-disciplinary teams by posing challenging topics for designing space missions
* teach a range of scientific topics relevant to the range of possible science missions to design, and to teach about the different aspects of the complex interplay between scientific objectives and requirements on the one hand, mission- and spacecraft design as well as mission costing on the other hand
* to develop the ability to work in teams for a common end, to prepare presentations and reports under serious time constraints
* to develop a professional network

Open Learning Outcomes
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