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Module code: EN101
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 1
Department: ENGLISH
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Oona Frawley (ENGLISH)
Overview Overview

This module will introduce students to a variety of prose and fictional texts, revealing the power of writing to surprise, engage, move, anger and persuade the reader. The course will pay particular attention to texts that engage with important historical, social, moral, and political questions, giving specific attention to the manner in which good writing utilises different literary and rhetorical strategies to further its ideas and achieve particular effects. The module requires students to engage actively and critically with a wide range of texts through reading, discussion and writing. The module is designed to both enhance studentsí experience of reading, and to provide them with the knowledge, experience and writing skills they require to develop and express well-informed opinions about prose and fictional texts. These subject specific skills will include how to read and critically engage with a text; how to make use of secondary criticism; how to develop strong theses and arguments and how to plan, organise and write an essay. Small group seminars, supporting the core lectures, will facilitate discussions and incorporate formal writing exercises to ensure that students acquire the necessary skills for studying English at University.

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