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Module code: EE261
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

In this module students build upon the skills and experiences accumateled in EL217. Students will apply their new learning in a makerspace-based group design project which has been inspired by problems sourced from a community context. Students will be exposed to a design-thinking philosophy and a problem-based learning environment where they can iteratively conceive, design, implement and test solutions. Students will be encouraged to work in multidisciplinary teams and practise cross-disciplinary communication, collaboration and project interaction.
Learning Outcomes. Students after completing this module should be able to:
Develop an interactive prototype/model
Appreciate issues from a community/civic/public perspective
Develop a sense of commitment to community and of their role as civic professionals
Reflect on their experience of the engagement experience
Share their learning from the process with others in a context-appropriate manner.
Work effectively as part of a team to complete a creative project
Contribute their discipline-specific expertise to a project
Communicate effectively with team members and partners
Develop the skills of collaborative and independent learning

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