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Module code: EE260
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Makerspaces are at the forefront of digital culture and are an increasingly common social element in digital societies. They are creative, inventive, do-it-yourself spaces where people come together to build things, share ideas, solve problems, design, invent and learn from others in a collaborative atmosphere. Inherently multidisciplinary and frequently fusing the arts with engineering and technology, makerspaces are hubs of innovation and invention. In this module you will participate in a university maker space where you will learn by doing, in a problem-based learning enviroment. The courses emphasises basic digital prototyping and fabrication skills and takes places in a friendly, collaborative, eclectic learning atmosphere.
Learning Outcomes. Students after completing this module should be able to:
Create 3D digital artefacts
Effectively use a 3D printer
Understand open source principles
Demonstrate basic physical prototyping skills
Use principles of introductory coding to develop solutions
Use an Arduino to read from simple sensors
Create physical interaction through application of servo motors and actuators
Demonstrate basic circuit skills including use of soldering, switches, lights and audio
Effectively use social media and digital content creation tools to communicate and share their ideas

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