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Module code: EDF623
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Eddie Costello (FROEBEL EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

There are two aims for this module. The first is to develop the studentsí mathematical understanding and problem solving abilities. Mathematical investigations will be central to this component. The investigative nature of the module will encourage creativity and learning through exploration. Through this exploration, students will take a step away from rules and procedures often associated with mathematics. Concepts, skills and terminology relevant to the primary school curriculum will be used throughout the module. The module will help to develop studentsí overall ability, knowledge and understanding of mathematics.

The second aim is to explore models of intervention in mathematics education in the Primary School from a range of intervention models such as Maths Recovery, First Steps in Mathematics, etc. The implementation of these models will be explored within the context of the Primary School Curriculum and Irish classrooms.

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