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Module code: EDF605
Credits: 7.5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Tony Sweeney (FROEBEL EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

This module will introduce students to the principles, aims and methodologies of national curricula, with a focus on junior primary classes. Key teaching skills and pedagogic tools in Visual Arts, Drama, Music, PE, SESE and SPHE will be explored through a practical workshop approach. Students will also engage with subject-specific curricular planning and independent reading, with an emphasis on a number of fundamental areas:

- the rationale for the use of a range of specific approaches to the teaching and learning process (incorporating the uses of ICT as a methodology)
- active learning methodologies
- the central role of play and language across the curriculum
- inclusive, Froebelian, enquiry-based learning environments
- integrated planning, recording, assessment and evaluation of learning

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