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Module code: EDF555A
Credits: 30
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Deirdre Forde (FROEBEL EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

In all, students will be visited at three different times during the course of this programme. The first two visits are supportive in nature, the third is evaluated. The first visit(s) occur(s) between Module One and Two; the second visit(s) between Module Three and Four with the final, assessed visits usually occurring just before Module 5. Students have the same supervisor for Visits one and two and receive written and oral feedback with pointers on how they might improve their practise. For the final visits students are expected to demonstrate that they have developed their skills in relation to: assessment and planning, timetabling, organisation and management, ability to differentiate, ongoing monitoring of progress, ability to write Student Support plans.

For the final visit, students are visited by a ‘new’ supervisor. In addition, each of the Course participants is visited by the Course Coordinator. This is to ensure consistency of marking across supervisors. In addition, the Extern examiner visits a random sample of Course participants. The Extern examiner determines who he/she wishes to visit. Again, the external examiner ensures quality control in terms of the marking system across the Special Ed. Teaching Practice. Where there is a difference of opinion concerning the grade a course participant is to receive or in the event of a course participant not meeting the expected standards laid down for this Teaching Practice or where a course participant is in danger of failing the teaching or planning elements of the teaching practice, the External examiner will visit the student in question.

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