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Module code: EDF551
Credits: 7.5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Deirdre Forde (FROEBEL EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

This module covers the areas of assessment, planning and ongoing recording of progress. The course combines basic statistical knowledge with theory of assessment; provides students with an overview of the range of assessment tools available for use across the range of special education needs along with 'onward referral' ensures, through application, that students have the necessary skills to make assessment for learning and diagnosis an integral part of teaching pupils with special educational needs. Students are guided in the interpretation of data gathered through assessment and in how to integrate this information into the development of the Student Support plans (SSPs). Through class activity, students are taken through the steps involved in writing a SSP that meets the requirements of both the EPSEN Act (2004) and International best practice. Students have practice in writing targets. Students are exposed to a wide range of possible ways of monitoring progress; there is an emphasis on the seamless integration of instruction and intervention that is guided by outcomes. Students share their own practice as part of class activity and there is a close relationship between this Module and the planning and teaching requirements of the Professional Practice Module. The contribution of classroom organisation and management to effective teaching and learning for these pupils is emphasised. Again, this is directly related to the Professional Practice Module.

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