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Module code: CH427
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: CHEMISTRY
International: Yes
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Bio-Inorganic Chemistry. Entatic state and HSAB theory. Common ligand types found in biological systems. Structure of the 20 aminoacids. Potassium ion channels, sodium/potassium pump. Oxygen transport. Molecular orbital of O2 molecules, ground state and excited state of O2. Oxygen and reactive oxygen species (ROS). Mechanism of action of Superoxodismutase, Catalase and Cytocrome C oxidase enzymes. Electron transfer (cytochromes, iron-sulphur clusters, copper enzymes). Acid-base catalysis (zinc enzymes). Zinc fingers proteins. Metal-Based Drugs: Historic perspective of the uses of metal ions in medicine. Details of selected metallo-therapeutics such as platinum and gold. f-block chemistry with application in medicinal chemistry. Metal-based therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and medical imaging agents. Magnetic resonance imaging - theory and f-block contrast agents.

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