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Module code: CH408C
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: CHEMISTRY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Chemical/enzymatic catalysis and the stereoselective formation of organic compounds.

This module overviews (I) chemical and enzymatic catalysis with a focus on catalytic methodology; general and specific acid-base catalysis; mechanisms of enzymic catalysis - specific enzymes will be discussed; and organocatalysis and (II) strategies to obtain organic molecules with control of stereochemistry.

Topics include
(i) Stereochemical nomenclature;
(ii) Resolution approaches;
(iii) Diastereoselective synthesis;
(iv) Enantioselective synthesis;
(v) Methods to determine the d.e. or e.e. of a reaction product;
(vi) Controlling double bond geometry in alkene synthesis.

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