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Module code: CFA602
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Anne O'Brien (MEDIA STUDIES)
Overview Overview

This module builds on the students learning outcomes from the theory
module and the Research Skills modules to give students an opportunity to
conduct a short piece of research or directed analysis for an NGO, CVO, or
advocacy group sourced by the individual student. Alternatively, students
can pursue a brief project of particular interest to them that is not done in
collaboration with an organisation, but which is of public interest.
The module will introduce students to the policy context for gender,
diversity and inclusion in Ireland. It will examine key initiatives in the Irish
state and society that aim to improve gender and sexual equality. Students
will be encouraged to identify organisations and groups that might benefit
from engagement with academic research undertaken by the MA students.
This module does not duplicate work done in the Dissertation module but
rather constitutes a short and engaged discrete piece of work that is done
in consultation or collaboration with civil, voluntary or NGO bodies, who
will engage with students to shape the form of the required work. This
module is delivered in weekly workshops, where students are guided in
their projects. The module builds on studentsí teamwork and collaboration
skills while also giving them useful experiences of working in a client
relationship with an organisation

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