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Module code: BI808
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: BIOLOGY
International: No
Coordinator: Prof. Bernard Mahon (BIOLOGY)
Overview Overview

This course will build on previous Immunology to provide students with the skills for the rational design of vaccines. Concepts such as the mechanism and correlates of protection will be discussed with a particular emphasis on adjuvants to shape immunity. A survey of current and future vaccines will follow, always emphasising how vaccines were designed. This will begin with the history of polio vaccines comparing the Salk v Sabin vaccines, the lesser known failed vaccines of the 1930s and the Cutter incident. Finally, the module will examine the prospect for novel vaccines against the three major infectious diseases of poverty (TB, HIV, malaria). Students will be expected to perform considerable reading of current literature in vaccinology and prepare a policy report with recommendations on a vaccination challenge specific to a resource poor region.

(existing module - BI608 with change in assessment. Check with Prof Bernard Mahon ( for the current BI608 timetable.)

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