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Module code: BI103
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 1
Department: BIOLOGY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Topics covered include: Human biochemistry, chemistry of the main bio-molecules. Humans as Chordates: Amphioxus as a model chordate, range of chordate animals, Humans as examples of advanced chordates. Evolutionary origins of humans, bipedalism, intelligence, hominid family tree, cultural evolution. The molecular basis of human genetic diseases covering single gene disorders, X-linked disorders, complex diseases, chromosomal imbalances and rearrangements and mitochondrial mutations. A brief outline on the cloning and identification of disease genes, genetic testing, gene therapy and ethics surrounding medical genetics. Human infectious disease, transmission of disease, diagnosis and treatment. Human development: fertilization, embryogenesis, developmental model organisms, organogenesis, maturation, ageing.

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