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Module code: AN864
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Patty A. Gray (ANTHROPOLOGY)
Overview Overview

This module is designed for students undertaking anthropological fieldwork abroad. Long-term fieldwork is central to the discipline of anthropology; it is expected that anthropology students at the PhD level will spend one year or more doing independent, original research at fieldsites remote from the studentís home institution. Fieldwork abroad requires extensive planning and preparation that can include learning a foreign language, cultivating fieldsite contacts, obtaining local research permissions, etc. Anthropological fieldwork is like an artisan craft in that it is learned through the process of engaging in it over the long term, and the pedagogical issues will be different for each student and for each fieldsite. Therefore, the content of this module is built around the studentís particular field project. In consultation with a designated departmental mentor, the student will: (i) Draw up a logistical plan for field research; (ii) Complete pre-field preparations, including making contacts at the fieldsite, securing permissions, etc.; (iii) Send written updates on progress to the mentor at least quarterly during the fieldwork; (iv) Present a preliminary summary of the data obtained upon return from the field.

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