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Module code: AN691
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Steve Coleman (ANTHROPOLOGY)
Overview Overview

This module offers an advanced introduction to Linguistic Anthropology, focusing on classic theory and its recent extensions. The module features
* A concise introduction to linguistic form and structure
* A survey of historical theories and methodologies for the study of language in use (interactional sociolinguistics, Conversation Analysis, the ethnography of speaking)
* The development of conceptual tools for the semiotic analysis of language and related cultural forms
* Analysis of language style, processes of social, gender and ethnic identification, and communities of practice
* Introduction to the anthropology of poetic speech, performance, and literary texts
* Methodologies for the study of social life of language from face-to-face interaction to the formation of large-scale publics
* Exploration of new cultural and linguistic forms emerging in electronically-mediated communication.

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